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Golden Care Agency provides a 24 hour home care support service to the elderly who prefer living in their own home, rather than moving into residential or nursing homes.

At Golden Care Agency we acknowledge the comfort and ease of living in one’s own home and we are more than prepared to help maintain our client’s independence and comfort whilst living at home.

Our dedicated and well trained home carers aim at reducing the stress and pressure on their clients and their families. We focus on making their lives easier and more convenient.

Carers at Golden Care Agency will ensure that their client’s same standard of living is maintained and that they are able to enjoy each day that they are cared for.  Our home carers at Golden Care Agency respect their client’s dignity and privacy through professionalism and friendship.

Trained care workers

Our carers can help in the following ways:

  • They provide support and assistance after the client has been discharged from hospital. It’s often necessary to accept help after being discharged from hospital and our trained carers are capable of providing them with exceptional care.
  • Family members of clients may go away on holiday and are unable to take care of their loved ones. Care workers are beneficial in situations like these. Our carers will offer their help until the client’s family members arrive back home.
  • Carers can assist the elderly with Dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or those that are recovering from a stroke. Carers will assist with everyday activities like bathing, dressing, cooking and household tasks, to name a few.
  • Our carers offer companionship and promote independence and confidence by allowing the client to do as much for themselves as possible.

Golden Care Agency provides a private home care service so that the elderly can live at home for as long as they desire. We aim at giving them the assurance that they can continue their way of living, but with the best possible assistance.

Golden Care Agency has the elderly's best interests at heart and we want to do all that we can to make life easier for them.



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Our care workers are registered and ready for placement only after they have gone through our careful recruitment process. We have a solid base of dedicated and committed home carers who come from a variety of backgrounds and have an age range of between 25 and 60 years... Read more

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