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Monday, 22 May 2017 02:00

Raising Awareness About the Frustrations of Everyday Disruption of Memory Loss

Family members and carers of those suffering from dementia are all too familiar with memory loss and how it can disrupt everyday life. In the early stages of dementia memory loss is mild, growing worse over a number of years until the affected person no longer remembers even close family members, or what to do with everyday items like a pen or a fork.

Raising awareness, Alzheimer’s Research UK has teamed up with the smartphone application Shazam to raise dementia awareness amongst the one billion Shazam users. Shazam helps users to identify the name and artist of a song they might hear; you simply hold the phone as close to the music source as you can and Shazam will listen and pop up with the song’s information.

This awareness campaign imagines a world where the app cannot seem to remember the name or artist of the song. Instead of delivering the information, it responds with phrases like, “I’m sure I know this one…” and “I just can’t quite…”, highlighting the frustration patients with dementia face on a daily basis when they struggle to find a memory.

Protecting the connection to memories

Music in particular brings back many special memories to most of us, and the memory loss associated with dementia places the connections we make with a special song at risk of being lost.

The campaign aims to raise awareness about the research being done by Alzheimer’s Research UK. At the heart of the research is the attempt to find ways to protect the memories of those living with dementia for as long as possible. The use of an advanced technology app such as Shazam serves to highlight just how important the combination of pioneering research and technology can work together to protect memories.


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