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What area does your company service?

Golden Care Agency works predominantly in South Africa.

I have a family member who needs assistance, however, I am not sure what sort of help they require, what do I do?

Golden Care Agency will arrange a personal face to face visit with the client to ascertain the care needs of the client. Once this has happened we will introduce a friendly, qualified and experienced care worker to the client.

After the first week, Golden Care Agency will check in to make sure the client is happy with the level of support they are receiving.

What services can be expected from your carers?

Our carers at Golden Care Agency remove the stress and vulnerability of not being physically or mentally able to do daily activities.  This offers the elderly an opportunity to enjoy every day in the comfort of their own home.

Our carers help with anything from grocery shopping to helping the client getting dressed and washed. Our carers will assist the client with their medication and ensure a safe and clean environment. We aim at providing our clients with companionship in order to maintain the clients’ mental and emotional well-being.

How does the carer’s holiday work and will it affect the person being cared for?

Because our carers are employed by Golden Care Agency they accrue annual holiday leave. When a carer’s leave is approved a suitable relief carer is provided.

What will happen if my carer is ill?

Golden Care Agency has dedicated agency care workers on hand to place with you while your regular carer recovers.

If I need to talk to someone in case of emergency and it’s after office hours, will there be someone for me to talk to?

Yes, you can contact us 24/7 in case of emergency and in cases which require urgent attention.

How do I know that the carers are qualified and experienced?

Our carers are trained and will only be placed with the client once they have gone through a careful recruitment process and once they have been properly vetted on qualifications, references and Police Clearance checks. Our carers go through a 3 day training programme before placing them with clients.

Golden Care Agency has an on-going training policy that ensures our care workers are trained and up to date on the latest health and safety requirements.  

How does the payment work?

Carers at Golden Care Agency are employed directly by our agency where we take full responsibility for ensuring their correct salary is paid and the appropriate taxes are deducted.

Golden Care Agency’s fees are paid by you weekly either by direct internet transfer or by cheque.

Where are your care workers from and how old are they?

Our care workers, male and female, have a variety of backgrounds and have an age range of between 25 and 60 years old.



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Our care workers are registered and ready for placement only after they have gone through our careful recruitment process. We have a solid base of dedicated and committed home carers who come from a variety of backgrounds and have an age range of between 25 and 60 years... Read more

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