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qualified home carersCarers at Golden Care Agency are trained to provide the best assistance regarding personal care and household tasks.  However, a qualified nurse may be necessary to adhere to the client’s more complicated needs.

Qualified home carers

A qualified nurse in your home can take responsibly for any medical tasks which may need to be performed.  These include:

  • Injections
  • Wound care and administration of medication
  • PEG feeds
  • Syringe drivers
  • Stoma care

Private home nursing care is useful and often vital, over and above having a carer.

Private home nursing can assist with recovery and rehabilitation after hospital discharge.  On many occasions, if a private nurse is arranged a patient will be allowed to leave the hospital sooner.

Arranging a private home nurse can save you money on hospital bills because you are just paying for the services of the nurse and not for the peripheral costs associated with being in a medical institution.  

A private home nurse provides clients with peace of mind that they are in the care of a qualified professional, while still enjoying the comforts of their own home.   

Benefits of home care

  • Added reassurance
  • Highly trained professional who is able to see to your care needs
  • Has direct contact with more qualified health care experts
  • Your dignity and privacy is respected as you have the nurse’s undivided attention and that they have your best medical interests at heart

Golden Care Agency is here to offer each individual the best level of private home care.  It’s our aim to ensure that you or a loved one live life to its fullest potential and if having a private nurse in your home will do this, you can rely on Golden Care Agency.


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